Abandoned shopping cart email strategy in 2017

An ecommerce website should avoid many things, and one of them is abandoned shopping cart. Due to some research of Cart abandoned rate in Baymard Institute, it is about 68%. Do you know what that means? That means only 1 in every 4 customers could finish purchasing online shopping.

However, a great marketer must understand the circumstance, then target these lost customers with the abandoned shopping cart email strategy. There is a lack of proper marketing strategy to target these potential customers early in the buying process. The shoppers are simply retargeted later with Facebook ads alone.

So how efficient the abandoned shopping cart email strategy, especially in 2017 is? Let's find out

1, Segmentation - First Abandoned Shopping cart email strategy

When a subscriber receive a personalized email, he or she is more likely to take action. A wise store owner doesn't want to miss this chance. But sharing coupon is not always a regular solution. Sometimes you could not recover the carts in exchange of bringing more intent of the abandon.

Affiliate marketing is a good action, and when combine with something like Magento 2 Refer a friend, you could help your customers build a shopping system. For each time they refer a new friend to purchase in your shop, they have more commissions to lengthen their shopping life spans.

2, Unique subject line of Abandoned Shopping Cart Email

Subject line is the first thing attract the receiver's attention. If the receiver trust the sender, and the subject line is unique, they will more likely to read the email, and therefore, more likely to act. 

When recipients read your subject lines, they should be reminded of what they left behind. A well-written subject line can go a long way toward piquing the interest of reluctant customers. So, don’t be lazy when crafting your subject lines for cart recovery emails. Depending on what is triggering (discussed in step 5) the email, you can include urgency, scarcity, or emotions like anxiety to influence hesitant shoppers.

3, Responsive Email, and Responsive Checkout Process:

You can create a great email that includes rich product images, compelling copy, a good offer, and a good CTA. However, if it’s not responsive across all devices, such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones, it’s not going to increase your conversions. Being responsive is the key to making the customer experience seamless because people are checking their emails on different devices, mostly mobile. How optimized your emails are for these devices will play a significant role in determining whether or not people will complete their purchases.

Your Checkout Process need to be more responsive, quicker and easier to reduce abandoned cart rate. One step checkout for Magento 2 should be considered if you are using Magento 2 for your ecommerce website.

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Set up Affiliate Program for ecommerce sites

When you have done building ecommerce website, your work has not been done yet. You need traffic, you need leads, you need sales. But you find it too difficult, and you need one new channel of marketing, and it is affiliate marketing. However, you need to set up Affiliate Program for your ecommerce sites.

1. Set the commission

It is seen as one of the most important factors before you launching your affiliate program in your Magento e-commerce site. After finishing it, you can set it in Affiliate extension in your site. To be more specific, in the Magento Affiliate module, you can choose the commission by percentage or a specific amount of money. Furthermore, by using this extension, you can pay different commission or discount basing on level of affiliates.

2. Refer friend:

When you want that your customers may become your affiliates, you can apply “Refer friend” in your e-commerce site. It can be done easily by allowing them to share links through their social channels like Facebook, Twitter, and email.

3. Account management:

After establishing the affiliate system, you need to manage it to control and assess it. With Affiliate Plus extension, you have full power to manage your affiliates. It provides some features like remove, add, enable or disable affiliates and edit preferences in “Manage Account”.

4. Tier commission:

It is very interesting and helpful for you because by applying tier commission, you do not need to spend money to recruit the affiliates for your program. You can offer an incentive for your affiliate to persuade their friend to sign up and join your affiliate program by the commission. When their friend sell any products of your store, both of them can receive the commission from you.
Affiliate Plus extension provides the plugin that allows you to set commission amount of types for different tiers.

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In ecommerce, there has been a widely spread concept known as Cart abandonment. The more increase the cart abandonment is, the more decrease your shop revenue will be. According to Baymard Institute, Cart Abandonment rate is approximately 68%. The cause of cart abandonment is varied and diversified.

Why Cart Abandonment Rate is such high?

Now in all fairness to the e-commerce industry, a large portion of cart abandonments are simply a natural consequence of how users browse e-commerce sites. Which means, your websites is not comfortable for your users. Could it be the window popping, the price comparison or the On-hold list. These are largely unavoidable cart and checkout abandonments.

In fact, our latest quantitative study of reasons for abandonment found that 58.6% of US online shoppers have abandoned a cart within the last 3 months because “I was just browsing / not ready to buy”. And the buying flow is stopped, but the website's user experience is so bad to help customers keep their buying flows. Most of these will abandon even before they initiate the checkout flow. However, if we segment out this “just browsing” segment, and instead look at the remaining reasons for abandonments we get the following distribution:


Unlike the “just browsing” segment, a lot of these issues can be resolved. In fact, many of them can be fixed purely through design changes. Let’s take a look at just 1 of 134 examples in new checkout study: 27% of US online shoppers have abandoned an order in the past quarter solely due to a “too long / complicated checkout process”.

How much does shop owners lose?

If we focus only on checkout usability issues which we – during the past 7 years of large-scale checkout testing at Baymard Institute – have documented to be solvable, the average large-sized e-commerce site can gain a 35.26% increase in conversion rate though better checkout design. And that is despite testing the checkout flows of large e-commerce sites in the US and EU, such as Walmart, Amazon, Wayfair, Crate & Barrel, ASOS, etc.

So at the massive sale of $738 billion in the US and EU, 35.26% is worth $260 billion. Yes, $260 billion worth of lost orders which are recoverable solely through a better checkout flow & design.

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