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Abandoned shopping cart email strategy in 2017

An ecommerce website should avoid many things, and one of them is abandoned shopping cart. Due to some research of Cart abandoned rate in Baymard Institute, it is about 68%. Do you know what that means? That means only 1 in every 4 customers could finish purchasing online shopping.

However, a grea…

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Set up Affiliate Program for ecommerce sites

When you have done building ecommerce website, your work has not been done yet. You need traffic, you need leads, you need sales. But you find it too difficult, and you need one new channel of marketing, and it is affiliate marketing. However, you need to set up Affiliate Program for your ecommerce …

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In ecommerce, there has been a widely spread concept known as Cart abandonment. The more increase the cart abandonment is, the more decrease your shop revenue will be. According to Baymard Institute, Cart Abandonment rate is approximately 68%. The cause of cart abandonment is varied and diversified.…

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