Set up Affiliate Program for ecommerce sites

When you have done building ecommerce website, your work has not been done yet. You need traffic, you need leads, you need sales. But you find it too difficult, and you need one new channel of marketing, and it is affiliate marketing. However, you need to set up Affiliate Program for your ecommerce sites.

1. Set the commission

It is seen as one of the most important factors before you launching your affiliate program in your Magento e-commerce site. After finishing it, you can set it in Affiliate extension in your site. To be more specific, in the Magento Affiliate module, you can choose the commission by percentage or a specific amount of money. Furthermore, by using this extension, you can pay different commission or discount basing on level of affiliates.

2. Refer friend:

When you want that your customers may become your affiliates, you can apply “Refer friend” in your e-commerce site. It can be done easily by allowing them to share links through their social channels like Facebook, Twitter, and email.

3. Account management:

After establishing the affiliate system, you need to manage it to control and assess it. With Affiliate Plus extension, you have full power to manage your affiliates. It provides some features like remove, add, enable or disable affiliates and edit preferences in “Manage Account”.

4. Tier commission:

It is very interesting and helpful for you because by applying tier commission, you do not need to spend money to recruit the affiliates for your program. You can offer an incentive for your affiliate to persuade their friend to sign up and join your affiliate program by the commission. When their friend sell any products of your store, both of them can receive the commission from you.
Affiliate Plus extension provides the plugin that allows you to set commission amount of types for different tiers.

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